HRB 620a – Herbal Therapeutics I

MUIH Competencies: Integrity, Inquisitiveness, Mindfulness, Community and Discernment


I took this class in spring 2018 semester as part of my coursework at MUIH for the Masters in Therapeutic Herbalism. I found this course interesting, fun and directly related to my passion: creating plant-focused wellness products that help my clients thrive. To follow are some the goals and take-a-ways.


The goal of this assignment was to create a herbal product to support wellness and a PowerPoint presentation to “sell” the product. The product should support a specific input or process. Some criteria:
• The product may not be disease or imbalance based, it must be wellness-based.
• The product must be significantly different from others on the market.
• Products are to be a formulation of at least 3 herbs.
• The products must be accompanied by a biomedical and traditional rationale for their composition.
• Marketing language promoting this product and specifically identifying the target audience will be included.
• A product name and retail slant should be identified.

The cognitive goal was to demonstrate an understanding of the key physiological aspects of my chosen inputs, and an understanding of the historical rational for my product.

The skills gained from this project include choosing an appropriate delivery method, developing tradition and biochemical rationales for the choice of herbs, creating a balanced formula both action-wise and energetically, understanding the legality of product claims, and ways to market and promote the product.



This assignment offered a great opportunity to design a vocal health spray that I had been meaning to formulate for some time. I was prompted by my musical community – mostly singers. Knowing I am studying herbalism, many singers would ask if I had something to help keep their voices healthy. This project provided the motivation to finally act on that request. Each week focused on a different aspect of product design that led to the completion of a presentation or “pitch.” As I look at the finished PowerPoint, I realize I would like to edit this into a promotional presentation I can offer to potential clients and customers. I can take out some of the technical aspects as well as the actual formula. I don’t want others to copy the formula recipe.

I really enjoyed the step-by-step process. I would like to continue using this approach as I develop other herbal products. Taking the time to explore target clients, physiological and historical contexts, energetics and synergy of the herbs, formulating, and promotion are all skills I intent to use moving forward.

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