HRB 620b – Herbal Therapeutics II

MUIH Competencies: Integrity, Inquisitiveness, Mindfulness, and Discernment


Students will apply skills, principles, and knowledge to generate a body of scholarly material to demonstrate their proficiency in herbal medicine as a professional. Students will engage in multiple, advanced medicine making experiences and discover effective methods of documentation, principles of manufacturing and problem solving techniques applicable both in industry and clinical practice. Additionally, students will explore a variety of viable career paths. By reflecting on these potential career paths, they will be encouraged to apply their own personal concepts and ideas to building career opportunities.


I found this course to be very experimental in focus. I had the opportunity to explore medicine making techniques as well as career exploration. One thing that surprised me in this course was the opportunity to dream and brainstorm personal ideas that relate to the field of herbalism and my own personal focus. Every other week in this 14-week course, we were encouraged to think through an idea, make a connection, brainstorm a product, develop a focus or niche, and open to creative thinking. I don’t know if I will act on the many possibilities I created, but I certainly appreciate the time to come up with some options that excite me. I can’t wait to see which ones blossom into reality.

I found this to be incredible helpful in gaining an better idea of where my strengths and interest lie as an herbalist. It helped answer “how can I best serve my community?”, which is a goal of mine.


In Module 8, I explored a business idea. To follow is an excerpt of that exploration.


I have always seen myself as a service-oriented person. I get great enjoyment when I can give something to my community and those in need. I have worked for non-profit arts organizations and arts education institutions of learning all my life.  That focus has been on music. Now that I am entering the herbal and integrative health field, I want to expand my service to others using herbal medicine traditions. The time I have spent on herbal medicine has been very meaningful to me as it encompasses all my passions: healing, creativity, quality, honoring nature, and being of service to those in need. My mission is to maintain this course and help others through their own healing journey using my coaching skills and clinical training as a therapeutic herbalist. The business idea I have is not for a product; but instead for a way to get herbal medicine out in the community.

Business Idea

This business idea is not an individual product, but instead a service that would provide communities with excellent herbal medical care. The herbal apothecary on wheels is a mobile clinic and apothecary designed to provide affordable, sustainable herbal medicine to all people. In many parts of the world, herbal medicine is the primary health care option. The apothecary on wheels would go into all communities and provide a method of care that may otherwise not be available. Clients would have the option of seeing an herbal clinician for a consultation, receiving a formulation and filling it in the mobile apothecary. A food truck, turned mobile herbal apothecary, would provide a means to start small and maintain manageability.


The WHO has shown that mobile clinics make a huge difference in communities all over the world. I feel that difference can be extended right here at home by providing communities with the option of alternative and integrative care that is curbside, affordable and effective in helping support and maintain health and well-being. The herbal apothecary on wheels will have a plant-based focus with roots in traditional herbal medicine.  This business proposal is needed, effective and will help support the individual community member’s desire to be healthy and thrive.

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