HRB 735a Clinical Theory In Practice I

MUIH Competencies: Integrity, Inquisitiveness, Mindfulness, Community and Discernment


This course educates students in the theory and practice of gathering and interpreting health- related information; developing clinical goals; and partnering with clients to implement achievable plans. Students learn to conduct a comprehensive health and wellness interview utilizing a bio- psycho-social model of assessment and develop a clinical strategy utilizing tools and techniques appropriate to the modern herbal practitioner. Emphasis is placed on developing strategies for optimizing health and wellness while also supporting clients through disease and illness. Students develop skills to determine product quality and safety.



I found this course helpful in helping me to be mindful about the kind of clinician I want to be for my clients. This course afforded lots of discussion which provided the opportunity to use critical and exploratory thinking. Interacting with other classmates and sharing philosophies and ideas was a stimulant. It enabled me to ask myself the questions that will help me to better serve those who seek herbal medicine. The knowledged gain and the discoveries I made will help strengthen my practice and make me a better practitioner. Over the course, we were to gather and post several “gems”. To follow are some of my favorites.


The gem for me this week is the section on “Practitioner as Teacher.” On page 365, Conway writes: “the aim of facilitation is not to instruct, nor to impart knowledge and not even to guide – it is concerned with setting the conditions for the patient’s self-discovery and self-directed change.” One of my character strengths is my love for learning. This ties right into it in the form of me being a teacher. When a client comes to me, I hope they might be open to learning. I do not want to tell clients what to do. Instead, I hope I can educate and provide options that are meaningful to the client. I hope to teach the client how to maintain their health and wellbeing with the use of herbal medicine and healthy lifestyle choices. 

Recipes – these are all my favorites from my coaching website. I have made and eaten all of them. They have my stamp of approval. 


Suggested Meal Opt



  1. Refrigerator oat meal – use unsweetened soy or nut milk, coconut sugar or honey to sweeten. 

       I love this recipe because it is so easy to make. Pop the ingredients in a jar and place it in the fridge overnight. It is ready when you wake up. You can carry it with you on the commute. Simply warm it if you prefer it hot. It is packed with vitamins, fiber, protein and great nutrients. 

     2. I decided to go with a smoothie option for one of the breakfast choices. Many people are on the go and want something they can blend up and take with them. This smoothie is loaded with  nutrients, protein, and some great herbs/spices that are medicinal. The power of the turmeric is boosted with the addition of the coconut oil and the black pepper.  



  1. Magical Miso Soup – this soup tastes so good! The miso is great for gut health, the salmon has protein, the sea vegetables, mushrooms and scallions add minerals and nutrients. You can also add other vegetable or substitute tofu for the salmon. This lunch will give energy and avoid the afternoon crash.  
  2. I wanted to include a non-traditional type salad, and this one is delicious!  this chopped salad is packed with nutrients and includes pistachios. Incorporating nuts in the diet is can provide great nutrients and antioxidants.  



  1. The best vegetarian Chili – this chili is loaded with fiber and protein-rich beans. It is hearty, comforting and delicious. This recipe freezes well and can be portioned for meals on the go.   I love the cocoa powder in it! 
  2. I love this recipe because the flavor is so good, it is easy to put together, and loaded with protein and nutrients. It is so satisfying when it comes out of the oven. It is a complete meal in one foil packet.  
  3. Chocolate Avocado Pudding – I chose this because healthy desserts can sometimes be the most challenging item in a diet. People don’t want to give up their sweets. This recipe is low glycemic, has healthy fats, is nutritious and delicious. It takes a couple minutes to put together, and you can top it with berries.  

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