HRB 780: Professional Project


In this course, students will plan professional services within MUIH or their bio-region, seeking to address community needs through application of prior coursework and experience.


I found this course to be a valuable preparation for developing some key items that will help me in my professional career as a clinical herbalist. My accomplishments in this course included:

  • Creating a Mindmap to visually see connections and relationships between my accomplishments/skills and my vision
  • Revisioning my resume
  • Writing and designing an herbal-medicine-targeted resume
  • Writing a professional biography
  • Creating professional promotional material – I chose to create a flyer (see below)
  • Developing a professional event – I chose a live Zoom event titled “Save Your Skin: Plant-Focused Approaches for Common Skin Issues and Diseases”
  • Created a detailed project plan (see below)

There are three learning outcomes I wish to gain from this event:

  • By the end of this project I will be able to organize a timeline and budget to effectively prepare presentations, lectures and group facilitations from planning to implementation
  • Give at least 3 presentations by September 1, 2021; record and review each for improvements
  • Improve the quality of my presentations by carefully reviewing and editing tools and information being used

I feel confident knowing that I have a meaningful event planned that I can implement after graduation. I hope to present this event to educate participants and help build a client base for my practice.