ISCI 701: Introduction to Statistics, Design and Information Literacy in Integrative Health

MUIH Competencies: Integrity, Inquisitiveness, Community and Discernment

Course Description:

This course supports critical analysis of a wide range of integrative health studies. It provides future integrative medicine professionals with the foundational knowledge and skills to identify and evaluate research design and basic statistics. Students develop skills in searching databases as well as critical appraisal of clinical and epidemiological research. Students will find and evaluate published information on health topics then summarize and share their findings.


This course resulted in valuable gained knowledge. Working as a team, I learned the steps of designing a research project for idea development, design components, research skills, development, searching databases and ultimately incorporating this research into a final project. Gaining understanding of the components of quality research articles and learning how to interpret statistics was a game-changer for me. The knowledge I gained will help me research more effectively and use the research to strengthen my understanding of herbs and how I can use this to best serve my clients. The practice of working with fellow classmates designing a final project was a valuable experience in teamwork.

The following is the result of my group research project:

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