Manager of the MUIH Western Herbal Dispensary

MUIH Competencies: Integrity, Mindfulness, Community and Discernment

About the dispensary:

The dispensary provides herbal teas, powders, and liquid extracts that are custom compounded to the unique specifications of practitioners who have tailored these products to meet the individual needs of their clients.

The herb dispensary at Maryland University of Integrative Health uses exceptionally high-quality herbal products. Our herbal suppliers practice fully documented quality control standards, meeting FDA cGMP’s and providing a certificate of analysis demonstrating the authenticity of the herbs we order. The herbs we purchase are purely wild crafted or certified organic.


This has been one of the prime experiences that directly relate to my chosen career path. I am already working in the herbal field and feel incredibly grateful to be the manager of this unique, professional and educational herbal compounding dispensary. I over see a staff of 4 that includes 3 compounding assistants and one quality assurance officer. My duties include:

  • Formulate and compound extracts, teas and powders in accordance with SOP’s
  • Maintain and input records, inventory and data
  • Ensure an efficient dispensing service is provided
  • Interact with practitioners, clients, staff and students
  • Trained and managed student interns
  • Participate in monthly dispensary staff meetings
  • Complete general office skills
  • Assist in insuring all GMP compliance guidelines are followed
  • Collaborate to develop and implement practices, policies, and strategies that support a continuous improvement
  • Participate in in team building and leadership and corporate development activities; support corporate initiatives and implement procedures and protocols
  • Stay informed and knowledgeable about state and local laws, regulations and industry news
  • Ensure safety and satisfaction of customers and employees
  • Communicating with all suppliers

This position has provided direct experience towards the professional goals I have set for myself. I feel like I have gained so much knowledge about setting up and running an herbal apothecary that can serve my community.

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