MUIH Herb Dispensary Internship

MUIH Competencies: Integrity, Inquisitiveness, Mindfulness, Community and Discernment



I graduated with my Masters in Health and Wellness Coaching and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Herbal Studies in June of 2016. My goal was to stay connected with MUIH and be around herbs and the herbal community as much as possible. I wanted my learning to continue on a different level. The MUIH intern program was just the road to take. Not only did I learn more about herbs, compounding and formulating, I also was able to enrich my understanding of GMP compliance. This is important because it supports a goal of mine to formulate and make quality herbal medicines in a home workshop. I have been able to gain skill and understanding that translates to this goal.

I completed the 72-hour Level I dispensary internship in 2016. This internship provided me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience creating, formulating and compounding herbal extracts, teas and powders. I learned the basics of running an herb dispensary, and gained knowledge of GMP compliance. My interactions with herbal faculty and clinical herbalists offered me the opportunity to use and understand protocol, lingo and assess the formulations sent to the dispensary. Working in this environment is a team effort that includes working and communicating closely with the dispensary manager, volunteers , customers, clients and other staff. I assisted in making high-quality herbal tinctures while following GMP manufacturing guidelines.


Primary Responsibilities

* Assisting in the compounding of extracts, teas and powders

* Maintaining cleanliness of dispensary, including washing and sanitation of compounding utensils and keeping the facility clean

* Filing client records

* Specific dispensary projects as directed

* Attend skills training sessions when provided

Special projects

* Assist or co-ordinate specific projects that are outside of the normal day to day dispensary duties. In some cases the project could become the primary responsibility, provided the intern is still available for compounding duties on their given day if required, especially on student clinic days.

Special projects:

* Seasonal teas – formulation and ordering

* Stock control, assist with ordering

* Organoleptic assessment, quality control measures

* Maintain web site

* Program related projects

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